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Simraceway Announces Official INDYCAR Game


by John | April 24, 2012

When we announced our beta in November, we listed some of the features our players could look forward to. One of those was the hosting of reproductions of renowned, real-world series on the Simraceway platform. Well the time has come to unveil our first virtual series—and it’s a biggie!

Earlier today we officially announced that Simraceway has reached a deal with INDYCAR to produce a brand new IndyCar video game. This landmark agreement allows us to feature all the teams and tracks from not only the current IZOD IndyCar and Firestone Indy Lights seasons, but future ones too—and we intend to make the most of the opportunity, doing these celebrated sporting events complete justice and taking the racing game genre in a whole new direction.

Dario prepares to shake down the virtual DW-12 after climbing out of the real one.
Dario puts the virtual DW-12 through its paces at the Simraceway PDC.

So who better than four-time IZOD IndyCar Series champion, Dario Franchitti, to help us get things underway with the preparation of the main car to be featured in the game, the new 2012 “DW-12” IndyCar, named after our friend and Simraceway pro driver, Dan Wheldon.

Dario was at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center recently, shaking down his real DW-12 and our virtual DW-12 back-to-back, to ensure that our players get the real deal when they download the new car to their Simraceway Garage.

We feel truly privileged to be able to work on such a prestigious series which, of course, includes one of the most renowned races in motorsport—the Indianapolis 500—and while we can’t divulge too many of our plans at this stage, we can say that the game will include live, full-size recreations of each season.

The agreement also allows us to fulfill one of our core objectives: to start blurring the line between real-world and virtual racing. We will reveal more about how we intend to do this—along with the key features of the game—at a later date but, for now, we can confirm that we will be looking for every possible chance to maximize the synergies between each virtual and actual event.

Dario puts his stamp of approval on our DW-12.
Dario in the zone while shaking down the DW-12.

We can also announce that the game will utilize our brand new “Skillquant” technology that we’ve hinted at previously on this blog. The world’s first highly-accurate, real-time skill quantification system, Skillquant will allow us to measure each player’s driving ability to an unprecedented level of detail, allowing us to accurately match players online and ensure ultra-competitive, IndyCar-style racing.

We’re really excited about our deal with INDYCAR, and you can expect more details about our plans for the game in the near future. In the meantime, we will be whetting your appetite by releasing a range of preview IndyCar content, including the Dario-tested DW-12 racer.

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon.



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