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Test Drive Tuesday: Le Mans Build Up Starts – Bentley Speed 8

Ivan Speed8 Zandvoort

May 25, 2015

It is about at this time each year when the build up to one of the greatest motorsport events in the World begins in earnest.


The Le Mans 24 Hour race delivers excitement, tension and so much more driving hundreds of thousands of people to attend the event.


Starting today, our Road to Le Mans gives you the chance to drive the iconic Bentley Speed 8 FREE of charge.


As with all Test Drive Tuesday features, if you enjoy the experience you will be able to purchase the car with a 50% reduction, so why not give it a try.


Simraceway will continue to offer you enjoyable FREE Test Drive experiences all the way up to and during the event itself so why not join today, access the Quick Race tab in game and experience what this legendary car has to offer you.


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Indy500 Weekend means our Indy$500 will end soon

Pedro #Indycar #MidOhio

May 22, 2015

Firstly, thanks to nearly 100 people for attempting to set a time to win a share of the $500 prize pool in our Indy$500 competition.


This competition will come to end after this weekend so if you want to have a crack at this you will need to do so quickly.


You will need to purchase the DW12 Indycar if you do not already own it.
This car comes with 5 FREE classic liveries so you will be able to choose your favourite look as soon as you join and purchase the car.


Just search the Events page in game for this event and off you go.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Pedro. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.



FREE Test Drive Weekend Part 2: GT2 Classics

Ivan C6R #TestDriveWeekend

May 22, 2015

We are fortunate in Simraceway to be able to offer you a simracing experience with over 150 cars. In fact we have 151 cars, 7 of which are FREE when you join.


You will also find our 50 plus track layouts are FREE of charge.


We appreciate the continued support of our existing users who positively enjoy the community vibe and training environment offered by Simraceway, so as a thank-you, this weekend you can enjoy our classic GT2 collection FREE as well.


Why not take our Corvette C6.R GT2, Ford GT-R GT2 and BMW E93 M3 GT2 for a Test Drive.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Ivan. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.

FREE Test Drive Weekend Part 1: Mclaren MP4-29

Wes MP429 SRWPiccie Winner

May 22, 2015

This weekend it is the Monaco GP which is one of the most iconic motorsport races in the world.


Do you know which car was Mclaren’s first turbo powered Formula One car since the Honda MP4/4 which drove Alain Prost to victory at the 1988 Monaco GP? One of 15 wins and 15 pole positions from 16 races for him and Ayrton Senna in that historic season.


The answer is the MP4-29 and it is FREE all weekend for you to try in Simraceway’s Online Racing World.


In fact this weekend is always such a blast when it comes to motorsport with the Indy500 at Indianapolis, Blancpain Series at Silverstone and Masters Historic Event at Brands Hatch also happening.


Did you know that Indianapolis, Silverstone, and Brands Hatch are all tracks you can enjoy for FREE in Simraceway all the time? Well it is true.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Wes. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.

Test Drive Tuesday: #millemiglia

Ilia Berlinetta #Maserati100

May 18, 2015

The weekend saw yet again why the #millemiglia is such a wonderful event.


Every year some of the greatest classic cars from the likes of Maserati, Bugatti and Jaguar come together for a journey that many of us would like to make.


To celebrate another year of this journey, today’s Test Drive Tuesday brings you three classics FREE for 48 hours beginning at 8pm (UK) today.


- Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta

- Bugatti Type 51 GP

- Jaguar D-Type


Click on the above links to be taken straight to those cars and join Simraceway.


All of these cars are normally priced at $7.50 but during this promotion, each will only be $3.75 so deposit and drive.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Ilia. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.

Simraceway Online Racing World Nurburgring 24hr Voucher Giveaway Weekend – Thanks

Pedro Corvette Daytona GT3 Sunset

May 17, 2015

A quick message to say thank you to everyone who engaged with us during our special Nurburgring 24hr Weekend Voucher Giveaway and our FREE GT3 Test Drive Weekend.


Congratulations to the 12 who were successful in picking up the vouchers which went live every 2 hours during the course of the race.


If you enjoyed it, please comment and let us know if you would like us to do it again.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Pedro. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.


Simraceway SRWPiccie Winners Announced.

More Photos »

May 15, 2015

Congratulations go to Agustin, Krystian and Ludovic who are this week’s #SRWPiccie voucher winners.


Quality creations that were produced whilst enjoying their racing in our Simraceway Online Racing World.


Every week you can win in game vouchers by sharing your artistic talents with us. Ludovic won two this week for the increasing standard of his work.


Take an #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall. We then judge and announce the winners. Weekly competitions run from Tuesdays through to Mondays at Midnight (UK).


All vouchers are redeemable to your account and the winnings can be spent immediately on one of our 151 cars.


Thanks to everyone who continues to enter on a regular basis and make sure you keep an eye on all our social media channels, predominantly Facebook to see each week’s winners.


FREE: GT3 Test Drive Weekend: Celebrate the ADAC Zurich 24H-Race at the Nurburgring

Ilia's Z4 GT3 #ProgressionLadder

May 15, 2015

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of one of the greatest 24 hour automotive races than with a FREE Test Drive Weekend with some magnificent GT3 cars.


This weekend you will be able to step inside iconic cars that include the BMW Z4 GT3, Nissan GT-R GT3, Audi R8 LMS and McLaren MP4-12c absolutely FREE of charge.


Sign up via to Simraceway’s Online Racing World (ORW) this weekend and get racing.


You will enjoy our great car physics and some fantastic Day to Night transitions. OK, we may not have the best graphics in the market but we have some fantastic fun under our hood.


#SRWPiccie supplied by Ilia. A previous in game voucher winner. Why don’t you try? Get in game take a #SRWPiccie and post it to our Facebook wall and see if you win.


Thanks for your continued support. We really do appreciate it.



Simraceway Interviews: Jeff Westphal

Simraceway PDC Instructor Jeff Westphal

by Liam | May 15, 2015

Our in game Commentator and now Simraceway Blog contributor Liam Jenkins sat down with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus driver and Simraceway Performance Driving Center instructor Jeff Westphal ahead of his appearance at the annual Nurburgring 24 Hours. Listen:



The 28 year old due to be piloting the Glickenhaus SCG-003 this weekend in arguably the most demanding race in all of Motorsport. The car is vastly different to the 458 he drives in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship but we find out just how unique this project really is. Jeff talks to us about his aspirations for the weekend and exactly what it takes to conquer the legendary circuit.


Alongside discussing his unique start to his career and his progress through the ranks of sports car racing, he also talks to us about what it’s like to be a driving instructor at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center in Sonoma, CA.


Ever wondered what a day of driver coaching from a top sports car driver would involve? Well you can find out by listening to this interview!


We wish Jeff and the rest of the team the best of luck this weekend and can’t wait to see the glorious machine in action!


Be sure to follow Jeff on his twitter here!


Our in game Commentator also has a twitter page!

Meet our Simraceway in game Commentator- Liam Jenkins


by Liam | May 15, 2015

My name is Liam Jenkins and I’m a freelance Motorsport commentator from a small town in the UK. Now that’s a statement I would have never been able to say if it wasn’t for Simraceway.


I started my commentary career with an online racing league at the age of 15. At that point I was simply shouting as loud as I could about the action and still had a very high voice..(well it’s not that much lower now!) But in 2012, Coss saw something in me and offered me a huge opportunity. I jumped at the chance to work exclusively with Simraceway and take the next step on turning a dream into reality.


The last three and a half years have been beyond surreal. I have been so lucky with the opportunities given to me. I remember coming home from my retail job one day to hear that in a few hours I would be commentating alongside John Hindhaugh, the voice of endurance racing. I still remember the mix of excitement and nervousness I had felt in the build up to the race and it was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being just 17 and commentating alongside one of your heroes is amazing!


I had started pursuing circuit commentary in late 2012 after Chris Hartley invited me down to Thruxton in October and had since started doing this much more regularly.


Last year though my real big break came as I won the Motors TV Commentary competition, giving me the chance to be the co-commentator on the British GT highlights for the season and lead the live 3 hour race at Silverstone!


As commentary has steadily started to become a career as opposed to a hobby, Simraceway have supported me in everything I have done. From interviewing Anthony Davidson two years ago to interviewing Jeff Westphal a few weeks ago, they have given me everything! A chance to commentate with one of my heroes who in turn gave me invaluable advice and most importantly, they gave me a home.


Like most, my teenage years were a tricky time. I had a lot going on in my personal life and my home life and often saw commentary as a release. I was always put down at schoolfor wanting to pursue something so different to everyone else but always used it as motivation to prove them wrong. Seeing such positive reactions from those watching the broadcasts every week made me more determined than ever. It made me want to give 110% week in and week out. It made me want to push Simraceway to new heights and to give the community the best broadcast we possibly can. The community that Simraceway has created is one I regard as more than just “people who race online”. More than just “viewers”. It’s a family.


This year, my role in the game has become more involved as I aim to bring unique angles and interviews on various different drivers from various different series across the world. Everyone has a story, and I want you guys to hear as many stories as possible. It’s something I’m truly honoured to be able to do. I want to thank Simraceway for everything they have given me and I look forward to what’s going to be a very exciting end to the year!


If you want to keep up to date with everything I’m doing then be sure to follow my twitter here!


My website is also available to look at here!